Titanic Belfast Festival

Titanic BelfastWhat up people? Any ideas of what to do this weekend? After this beautiful warm and sunny week, the weekend promises to be great. Personally I’m going to London, my flight is in a couple hours, but I’m kind of sad because I’m going to miss the… [Suspense] … Titanic Belfast Launch Festival!!

Yes it is tomorrow, and all I hear today is:  Titanic here, Belfast there, Titanic Belfast Festival everywhere.

But what is this “Titanic Belfast” you’re asking me? Well, you probably know that the Titanic is the most famous ship of all times, which sunk nearly exactly 100 years ago, and in this tragedy many, many people were killed… oh and it is also a great movie. ;-)

Here is what it’s all about:

Born in Belfast, built by Belfast and imagined by Belfast – there’s only one place the Titanic could really celebrate its 100-year anniversary. The Titanic’s footprint runs pretty deep in the city; from the shipyard’s hulking gantry cranes Samson and Goliath, to the slipway where MTV will play a rollicking one-off concert and a poignant memorial by the side of Belfast City Hall. The shiny cherry on top will be Titanic Belfast when it opens its doors on March 31st. Add theatre, insight-loaded tours and a raft of family-friendlyevents and you have yourself the most all-encompassing Titanic Festival, well, anywhere.Titanic Belfast

Want to know more? One hundred years after the birth of the world’s most famous ship, Titanic Belfast has become a major new tourist attraction for Northern Ireland. The Titanic Signature Building, now known as Titanic Belfast, was identified in Northern Ireland Tourism Board’s Strategic Framework for Action 2004-2007 as one of five key tourism signature projects to enhance Northern Ireland’s tourism offering.

Titanic Belfast BuildingThe 14,000 sq.m.(150,700 sq.ft.) venue accommodates nine galleries of interactive exhibition space, including a dark ride, underwater exploration theatre, recreations of the ship’s decks and cabins and a luxurious conference and banqueting suite with capacity for up to 1000 people.

The unique architectural design was influenced by several maritime themes, including ice crystals, ships’ hulls and the insignia of the White Star Line. Construction of this massive project began in May 2009 and is finally finished now, in March 2012.

But what is really interesting is what is going on from tomorrow: the Launch Festival, the official opening of Titanic Belfast!

Titanic Belfast Building

Immerse yourself in the amazing story of Belfast in the 1900s, take a spin in the Shipyard Ride, experience life on board and learn about Titanic’s maiden voyage, her tragic sinking, the many stories of human endeavour, and the technology and science that finally found her, and helped to solve some of the many mysteries surrounding that fateful night in 1912.

Titanic Belfast is a ‘must do’ interactive visitor experience engaging all the senses.

Titanic Belfast BuildingRemind me why I can’t go? Oh yeah London. Arrrrgg…

Anyways, the celebrations are lasting until the 22nd of April, plenty of time to go check it out.


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