The Hotelsireland Easter Eggstravaganza is on now!

No better way to celebrate this long Easter Weekend than with an amazing Sale! This is why we’ve decided to reduce all of our Rates over the Easter Weekend!

Welcome to the Hotelsireland Easter Eggstravaganza!

Hotelsireland Easter Eggstravaganza

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Irish Easter Traditions

Irish Easter Traditions

We asked our dear colleague Niamh from our sister website  to give us some insight into traditional Irish Easter traditions. This is what she said….
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Fun Things to do this Easter Weekend in Ireland!

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

This year has passed so fast, that I can’t really believe that it is already the middle of April. But the signs are there, spring is finally upon us! Daffodils are blooming, the weather is…well still as changing as ever, but it feels a little bit warmer at least, and I can hear birds singing again. That also means that Easter is coming. Time to get together with your family and search for eggs. If you want to do something a little bit more special however, you should have a look at the following events that will all take place during the Easter Weekend.

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The best Pubs in Dublin!

The Best Pubs in Dublin

The first image springing to mind when asked about Ireland is in most cases a pub. There are some knock-offs in every country, but they cannot hold up to a true Irish Pub.  And since I am relatively new to Ireland and Dublin in particular I thoroughly tested a few to see which Irish Pub is really worth a visit and to find the best pubs in Dublin for you. From the list my co-workers gave me, these four pubs were my favourites, because of all the special extras they have. Continue reading

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All about St. Patrick’s Day…



Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s March already and that means only one thing to us Irish: it’s time to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

But it is well known that  St. Patricks day is actually celebrated all around the world with various parades and events being held to honour the man himself, the patron saint of Ireland!  So who is St. Patrick and what did he do??

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St Patrick’s Day in Dublin – where else?!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Hiya Folks, I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day (and the long free weekend ;) ) is upon us already! Living in Dublin now, I’m obviously at the heart of all festivities. And believe me, I’m going to enjoy every minute of this St. Patrick’s Weekend! To prepare myself, I’ve browsed the internet for great things to do on Paddy’s Day here in Dublin, and I thought I’d share my finds with you combined with former experiences I have. So here we go, enjoy!   Continue reading

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Intersting Facts about St. Patrick’s Day – Guest Post from

Interesting Facts about St. Patrick's Day

This is a premiere: Niamh, the woman behind the Blog on our sister-website used the occasion of this week’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities to write a brilliant & hilarious guest blog post for us. So if you want to learn about some surprising facts about St. Patrick’s Day and the man himself then check out the following blog post. It is a treat, enjoy! Continue reading

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How to fall in love with Ireland and how to say good-bye!

Today is a sad day as this is Meike’s last day with We were asking her about her time in Ireland and want to share her answers with you! Continue reading

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What a Weekend: From Dublin to Belfast to (Legen)Derry

Our Trip to Belfast & Derry

2 Weeks ago most of us got to go on a little weekend trip to Northern Ireland. Great stuff! We really enjoyed it and got so excited about all that especially Belfast & Derry have to offer, that we can’t shut up about it! To make things even more interesting we’ve decided to interview one of our colleagues (who shall not be named, lol!) and get her feedback on the trip and all things Northern Ireland!  Continue reading

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Chosen by the Experts: The Most Romantic Hotels in Ireland

The most romantic hotels in IrelandToday is Valentine’s Day! Let’s use this special day of love & romance as an occasion to talk about the most romantic hotels in Ireland! We’ve decided to let true experts judge the romance-factor of Irish hotels and asked our colleagues (who have all been working in the tourism sector for many many years and who all have seen almost every hotel there is here in Ireland) to give us a list of their favourite romantic hotels.

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